Conversations With Black Millionaires

These are my Life Changing Conversations With Black Millionaires, Thought & Business Leaders and Icons! I get them to share All of the lessons on 'How To Start, Grow' and Have Success in your Life, Business or Career.

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Who am I?


Best-Selling Author Brother Bedford is one of the most revered marketing and business advisors to entrepreneurs and business owners in America.

The Host of Conversations With Black Millionaires and Founder of The Masters Of Business Mastermind, he serves as a trusted Consultant and Coach to entrepreneurial clients whose revenues span 1-millions to tens of millions.  

"I was once told, if you're Taught by a Dancer what do you become? If you're taught by a fighter what do you become? Well if you're taught by Millionaires, Leaders & Icons, What Do You Become?